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Philonius Phunk is a hip-hop and r&b music producer, singer/songwriter, and rapper. He is also 1/5 of the nerdcore music group, Symphonic Pheenix Force or S.P.F. for short.  Residing in Ohio, Phunk brings the noise with elements of boom bap, trap, and 16-bit sounds. Growing up, he was influenced by J Dilla and The Neptunes while playing video games and indulging in gaming music soundtracks. In 2016, Philonius released a nerdcore compilation album, "PhunkoLand," which included some of Nerdcore's upcoming talents such as Frivolous Shara, Gr3ys0n, Twill Distilled, and more. He has produced projects and remixes with many hip-hop artists such as Niko Is, A-Game, and Mega Ran just to name a few. Philonius Phunk and S.P.F. have performed at anime and comic conventions and venues along the southern east coast and shared the stage with similar acts like Mega Ran, Whitney Peyton, Schaffer The Darklord, MC Lars, Eye Q, and many more.  Bridging the gap between a niche market such as nerdcore with mainstream hip-hop, Philonius Phunk can deliver an unrestrained unpredictable sound for the masses. Philonius, and BirdyMusic from Salt Lake City dropped their first single, “I Gotta Do It,” from their upcoming EP, “Chosen Ones.”  Stay in touch with Philonius Phunk on all social media platforms and streaming services. (@philoniusphunk)

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